June 2024 – A Key Step

A Key Step to Selling Your Company

Step 3: Documenting and Refining Systems
Over the past few months, we’ve covered the first two crucial steps in preparing your restoration company for sale.
You can access that information by clicking the links below:
While these steps are important, it’s easy to overlook Step Three:
Documenting and Refining Systems.
Owners often get caught up in financials and desired outcomes while sidelining the essential work of streamlining processes and internal systems. This work requires stepping back to focus on the business itself rather than the daily operations.
It’s easy for information to get trapped in the heads of a few key employees, including the owner. Documenting and codifying systems makes the business more scalable, information more accessible, and prevents that information from getting lost in the event of key attrition.
Taking the time to document and standardize your systems can yield significant benefits. It will enhance your company’s operational efficiency and help you present a polished, professional image to potential acquisition partners.
So, how do you create and document these critical systems effectively? Here are some approaches:
| Tools Like Trainual and Lucidchart
These provide a uniform structure for your Standard Operating Procedures
| Consulting Companies Like KnowHow
They offer a hands-on approach to guide you through the process.
| Simple solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive
A well-organized folder with all your SOPs, flow charts, and administrative data works too.
The key is to have something in place so new hires or potential buyers can easily understand your business operations. But where to start?
One effective framework comes from Dan Martell’s book, "Buy Back Your Time". In this, he outlines The 4 C’s:
+ Camera: Record training videos of someone performing the tasks.
+ Course: Outline the steps involved.
+ Cadence: Define how often tasks should be completed.
+ Checklist: Provide step-by-step instructions.
For each regular process, create a video walkthrough, outline the steps, set the cadence, and compile a detailed checklist. When you start with one process and build from there, it will seem less daunting. Then, keep iterating to continually improve the process and its documentation.

Pro Tip: Many recording tools offer transcription services, providing a headstart on creating the checklist after recording a video.

Taking the time to document and refine your systems might not offer immediate gratification, especially in a demanding industry, but the long-term benefits are substantial.
| Your Next Action Step
This week, choose one process in your business to document using the 4 C’s framework. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes. By investing in your systems now, you’ll streamline operations and enhance your company’s appeal to potential acquisition partners.
Together, we turn Chaos into Calm.
Griffin Brand, VP of Corporate Development

P.S. Check out our recent interview with one of our brand leaders, Stephanie Suchocki, at Superior Restoration in San Diego.

Watch Stephanie Suchocki interview here.
| What we look for...
+ Residential water mitigation focus
+ Independently owned
+ Strong leadership team
+ Growing, scalable business with a great local reputation 
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