February 2024 – Preserve Your Culture

Preserve Your Culture and Legacy Even After You Sell

When talking to founders who are considering a strategic partnership, we often hear that their number one concern is what will happen after they sell their business. They wonder: What will happen to the culture and legacy?

Some may think that preserving the name of the company isn’t all that important. But legacy is so much more than that. It’s your brand’s reputation, relationships, and connection to the local community. Most importantly, it’s your people.

For founders who want to stay on and continue to grow their company after a partnership, it’s a no-brainer that a partner needs to share the same values and maintain the culture you’ve built over the years.

For founders who are ready to retire or move on to other pursuits, you need to know that your team will be taken care of. 

When considering potential acquisition partners, here are some questions to ask to gauge how they will treat your established brand:
+ What are their core values and what sort of culture do they want to build?
+ Will they rebrand or change the name of the company?
+ Will they retain the existing team, or replace it with their own people?
+ How will they treat the employees and what benefits do they offer?
+ How do they create an environment for people to grow?
+ What is the long-term strategy?
+ Who else have they partnered with in the past?
+ Will costs be immediately cut, or will the acquisition partner increase capital expenditures to help continue growing the business?
+ Will they require certain programs or lines of work?
+ What corporate partnerships are in place to help the local business (discounts from vendors, more referrals, etc)?
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Here are a few topics we plan to discuss over the next few months:

Steps on preparing your company for a successful sale

Exploring different deal structures that suit your goals

Mastering the art of financial preparation

Together, we turn Chaos into Calm.
Griffin Brand, VP of Corporate Development

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